IC 426

IC 426

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My Gemini mount controller finally got a replacement motherboard after being out of commission nearly a year. I did a test image last night of IC426, a reflection nebula just north of Alnilam, the middle star in the belt of Orion. Happily, all systems worked fairly well and I am able to autoguide once again! My acquisition and processing skills are a bit rusty but never-the-less here is a quick version of IC426.

Date Imaged       :

January 10, 2011

Lens       :

N16 f/4.5

Camera       :


Exposure       :

1.8 hours

Filter       :

Astrodon LRGB 7:4:5:6x5min

Mount       :

Losmandy Titan

Location       :

Stardust Observatory, Baguio