Comet Garradd

Comet Garradd

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Comet Garradd continues to put on an impressive pre-dawn show with its anti-tail
extending nearly opposite its bluish main tail of ionized gas! It was easily
spotted in the constellation Hercules beside globular cluster M92 through 10x50
binoculars. Through a 5" refractor, the comet's tail and anti-tail were clearly
visible and extended a considerable distance. Its nucleus was faint but distinct
especially at higher magnifications.

Date Imaged       :

February 1, 2012

Lens       :

Borg 77ED f/5.5

Camera       :


Exposure       :

12 minutes

Filter       :

Astrodon LRGB 1:1:1:1 x 3 minutes 2x2

Mount       :

Losmandy Titan

Location       :

Stardust Observatory, Baguio