M8 Lagoon Nebula

M8 Lagoon Nebula

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Clear sky finally graced the monsoon season last night and I could not resist to at least attempting a quick image of a bright and easy-to-find target. I swept the dark sky with binoculars and was quickly attracted to the glow of the Milky Way and the obvious nebulosity of the Lagoon Nebula, M8 in Sagittarius. I opted to use an uncooled Nikon D7000 color camera partly to test its high ISO capabilities and partly to make sure I would be able to still bag an image even if clouds suddenly got in the way, which was simply too risky had I instead used a monochrome camera requiring four filters to image through.

Date Imaged       :

July 2, 2013

Lens       :

N16 f/5.2 Paracorr

Camera       :

Nikon D7000 at ISO6400

Exposure       :

21 x 1 minute

Mount       :

Losmandy Titan

Location       :

Stardust Observatory, Baguio