Comet Lovejoy C2013 R1

Comet Lovejoy C2013 R1

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Comet Lovejoy is really getting lower in the sky each dawn as it approaches perihelion on December 21. It is visible as a diffused smudge with the naked eyes and exhibits a faint but distinct tail through binoculars. It is no longer visible from my third floor observatory so I had to set up my telescope on the roof of my house! Prudence dictates that the precarious setup be my last to capture this lovely comet.

Date Imaged       :

December 2, 2013 21:10UT

Lens       :

Astrophysics 5

Camera       :

D7000 ISO6400

Exposure       :

2x1 minute and 9x30 seconds

Mount       :

Astrophysics 600

Location       :

On the roof of my home