NGC 6559

NGC 6559

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Cloud Serpent Ancient Mesoamerican cultures venerated Mixcoatl the “cloud serpent� as god of the hunt and associated him with the stars, Milky Way, and heavens. Today’s conventional wisdom might look askance at such seemingly quaint beliefs, but ancient Aztec priests could very well say, “Behold, I told you so� after coaxing him out from the hydrogen clouds of the Milky Way and capturing his delicate photons in micron sized pixel wells through the magic of long exposure digital imaging. Near the center of our own galaxy and deep in the dense star clouds of Sagittarius lies Mixcoatl’s modern day alias, NGC 6559.

Coordinates       :

Sagittarius18h 10' -24deg 06'

Date Imaged       :

June 11, 2007

Lens       :

Astrophysics 5" f8 Starfire

Camera       :

Atik 16HR, Astronomik filters

Exposure       :

LRGB = 275:60:60:30 minutes

Mount       :

Losmandy Titan

Location       :

Stardust Observatory, Baguio, Philippines