About Me

As a young boy fascinated by the depth and wonders beyond our own planet, I wistfully wished to one day own a telescope like the great 200 inch Hale telescope on Mt. Palomar. The photographs taken through the largest telescopes of those days introduced the world to images of the planets and deep space never seen before.
Many years later, it was with great surprise that I learned of backyard amateur astronomers using small telescopes and CCDs producing images that rivaled and even surpassed the images taken through the largest telescopes a decade or two ago. Realizing that with today's modern equipment one could finally obtain photographs like almost owning a 200 inch telescope, I embarked on my own quest to engage in digital astroimaging.
My rooftop home observatory is dedicated to the pursuit of astronomy. Its name, Stardust Observatory, is in recognition of the recycled interstellar material that the Earth and all its sentient, inventive, self-reflective inhabitants are made of. The images in this web site are an ongoing chronicle of the quiet beauty found in space.